Dr. Bill

William Kinsey MD, MPT | Family Medicine

Dr. Bill inherited his love of community from his parents who were active volunteers. He spent two years working in the Peace Corps following graduation and found his calling in healing. Before he was a family doctor practicing medicine, he was actually a physical therapist helping people prevent and recover from injuries. Dr. Bill jumped at the chance to work on the Mobile Health Clinic because it allows him to travel to where people are and invest his medical skills in helping others. In his spare time, you’ll find him tending to his garden, enjoying time with his family, and being active outside.

Location: Mobile Health Services

Education: University of Vermont

Languages: English & Spanish

Your care team wants you to live your healthiest life, so we’re here to help you ask great questions and start a conversation. It can be hard to know what you should be asking your doctor, so here are our team’s favorite questions patients ask (or should).

  • Are there any daily changes I could do that would let me take fewer medicines?
  • I’m worried about this thing, but is it appropriate to ask this in my visit today?
  • Can we talk about health goals?

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