Support & Education

You have health and wellness goals, and we’re here to support you.

We offer a variety of support and education resources at our locations at no additional charge. Our Patient Services Navigators will connect you to resources, guide you through the process and assist with paperwork.

Patient Service Navigators

Your health is our priority, and we have a team dedicated to helping you connect to resources, complete paperwork and access all of our services. What’s even better? Our Patient Service Navigators are available to you at no additional cost and are available at all of our locations!

Call 1-800-942-5330 to schedule your appointment.

Help with Financial Aid and Insurance

  • BadgerCare Application Assistance
  • Health Insurance Marketplace Application Assistance
  • Medicare Enrollment Application Assistance
  • Noble Community Clinics Sliding Fee Application Assistance
  • Quest Application Assistance for Labs
  • Medication Application Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance with MTM
  • Mileage reimbursement with MTM for Forward Health

Education Opportunities

Healthy Body

Diabetes Education

High Cholesterol Education

High Blood Pressure Education

Coaching & Support for Health Goals

Special Diet Education for Certain Health Conditions

Preventive Care Information

Healthy Mind

Stress Management & Sleep Hygiene

Tobacco Cessation Coaching & Support

Drug & Alcohol Assistance

Depression & Anxiety Education

Addiction Recovery

Tobacco Cessation Coaching & Support

Drug & Alcohol Assistance

Health During Life Changes

Pre & Post Natal Health Education

General Diet & Exercise Counseling

Weight Loss & Maintenance

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