Family Health La Clinica is now Noble Community Clinics

We are thrilled to announce this new direction for our organization

Our mission has always been to provide quality, affordable health services to the entire community. This name change communicates our desire to provide The Right Care, The Right Way.

As excited as we are, we understand that change can be difficult and confusing

Please review the frequently asked questions below for more information. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why did you change your name?

Our extensive research found that many community members did not know they could use our services because of our former name. We also learned that when recruiting new staff and Providers, our name sometimes prevented people from applying. Our new name is more inclusive and removes confusion for those who need our services and/or want to work for us. 

Will you still provide services for Spanish-speaking patients?

We will continue to provide the same excellent, specialized care our patients have come to expect. 

Will I still see the same doctor, nurses, and staff?

Our staff remains the same as before the name change and they are just as excited to see you as you are to see them.

Can I still access my information using MyChart?

Your MyChart login will remain the same. Log in as you have in the past to access information in real time.

How does the name change affect my billing?

The billing process will remain the same; however, you will now see “Noble Community Clinics” on the letterhead of your invoices and as the sender of emails. 

Do you still provide financial aid?

No insurance? No problem. We will continue to provide financial aid. If you’re worried about the cost, visit our website or call us at 1-800-942-5330 to learn about our sliding fee scale discount program. 

Are you changing locations?

All locations will remain the same for nowWe look forward to the grand opening of our new location in Stevens Point in the summer of 2025. 

How can I make an appointment?

Call our toll-free number at 1-800-942-5330 to speak with our scheduling specialist.