Mobile Health Services

Mobile Health Services in Wisconsin

You’ll see our mobile health team across our great state serving rural communities. Our mission is focused on making healthcare accessible to everyone, and we know that transportation is a major access barrier for many. That is why we invest in our Mobile Health Center. We bring care to you.

Quality Healthcare Delivery

Did you know that local employers can partner with our Mobile Health Services Team to bring medical care to their work sites? Encourage preventive health care and support your workers by scheduling a health day outside of your building or workplace.

What kind of services does our mobile health center provide?

Our Mobile Health Center is equipped to provide primary medical care. We provide wellness checks, vaccinations, and obtain samples for testing. Because our mobile health services are scheduled in advance, many patients take the opportunity to receive an annual checkup.

Our team helps patients access necessary medical tests and provides them with the appropriate treatment plans and referrals

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